Hard Money loans are ideal for investment properties that will be filled with tenants or remodeled and resold. The funds from renters or the resale of the property can be used to pay off the loan. Bridge loans help you purchase new properties quickly. Because they’re fast and easy to get, bridge and hard money financing can give you the edge in a real estate market where you need a cash offer to get you in the door.

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  • We Fund up to $5M in 5 Days
  • No FICO Restrictions
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  • 100% CLTV Financing
  • Bankruptcy Bailouts OK
  • Rural, Single-Purpose OK
  • We’ll Use Your Appraisal
  • No Cap on Broker Points


Hard Money loans are ideal for short-term investment opportunities, flipping commercial or residential real estate, or any business financial plan that needs to be funded fast. Bridge loans help you add properties to your holdings, or to move into a new property before selling the previous one.  You can get cash for your business in a matter of days or hours, as opposed to the several weeks you might have to wait for a traditional loan. Since most hard money loans come from private lenders, your application doesn’t have to meet a bank’s stringent credit requirements. You don’t even need a high credit score to get started.


Bridge and Hard Money loans are based on the value of the asset you use to secure the loan. Assets like real estate, equipment, and inventory qualify. Some lenders will let you combine assets to increase the value of the loan. Because hard money loans are short-term, you’ll need to plan for repayment or refinancing in under three years. These loans often have higher interest rates than other financing options because of their short-term nature.


  • Much faster than traditional bank loans.
  • Asset-based, not credit-based.
  • Easier to qualify for than most government loans.

A bridge or hard money loan from a reputable lender is just as secure as a traditional bank loan. However, some borrowers may have trouble with the shorter loan terms. As long as you plan ahead and have a solid repayment plan, a hard money loan is a valuable and safe way to get cash quickly. 

Applying is typically faster and easier than other types of financing. Since bridge or hard money loans are asset-based, you don’t need a high credit score to qualify. If you’re seeking to buy property, you’ll want to have a down payment, enough cash reserves to cover holdings costs, and information about the property. The best way to get started is by contacting a broker to find out which loans are available to meet your needs. 

Rates vary by lender, loan amount, and collateral asset. However, you can estimate anywhere from 5%-15%, not including lender fees. Get matched with the right lender by consulting with a business loan broker for specific rates and charges. 

If you require financing quickly but don’t think these loans are what you’re looking for, there are several alternatives. Depending on what you want to finance, consider a line of credit, factoring, or term-to-perm financing. Contact your broker for more details.