A little about us


King Capital is a leading loan brokerage working across business segments, financing types, and lenders. Our nimble approach allows us to source funds from over 200 direct lenders, each providing funds to targeted niche business markets. We source funds for: commercial real estate acquisition, upgrade, refinance, and construction; working capital including lines of credit, AR Factoring, sale-leasebacks, and term loans; equipment financing; and bridge/hard money financing, among others.

Because of our data and insight-driven approach, we are able to provide businesses with options they might not have known were possible. That’s because we continually extend our hunt for funds in the rapidly evolving business lending market. If you thought your demand for business financing was out of reach, or that terms would be so grueling you could never find a match, it’s time to talk with King Capital Direct.

More about us


Access to vital business funding is a moving target. Most business owners know they can approach banks and credit unions in their area, but federal restrictions on loan approval and the particular focus of each bank in each region results in many businesses becoming cut off from access to funding. Experienced loan brokers do the work of finding the right lender, traditional or private, with the right terms and right experience to understand your business goal and to provide the funds necessary to proceed. We conduct the hunt, you receive the reward without the mistakes and dead ends that can cost you valuable points on your credit score after applying and facing denials. Call us or complete a no obligation and no hard credit pull pre-application to find out what funds we can source for your business.

What about you


If you are starting a business, or already in business, you not only need money, you also need the vehicles to grow and protect your money. That’s why King Capital Direct is a leading resource for acquiring, growing and protecting your funds for business development.

  • We connect you with direct lenders to get you the money you need.
  • We offer advice on growing your existing business, or expanding into new opportunities.
  • We consult with you to ensure that your tax returns are filed on time and that you are taking advantage of tax shelters.
  • If for some reason you run afoul of the IRS, we connect you with tax resolution specialists that can reduce your tax liabilities by up to 85% off the amount owed.

Contact us today to start the process of generating more money for your business aspirations, and protecting your money from tax liabilities.